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Juan Rodríguez Hernández is Tenured Scientist at the Chemisty and Properties of Polymeric Materials department (Institute of Polymer Science and Technology-ICTP-CSIC) since 2008. He carried out his PhD thesis at the Max-Planck Institute for Polymer research in Mainz-Germany (2003) and worked as tenured scientist at the CNRS-France between 2003 and 2008. His main interests are related with the polymer synthesis, design and fabrication of hierarchically patterned polymeric surfaces with controlled functionality. Such structures have already applied for the preparation of surfaces with controlled wettability or in bio- and nanotechnological applications such as protein recognition, the selective immobilization of bacteria or biocatalysis.

Other research areas include the preparation of soft materials including elastic materials (rubber-like and thermoplastic elastomers) as well as hydrogels. He is involved in the creation of a new activity at the Institute of Polymer Science taking advantage of the facilities to produce novel materials for additive manufacturing.

MacroEng Group

At the Macromolecular Engineering Group we are interested in the fabrication of tailor-made polymers with well-defined structure/functionality able to form complex nanostructures. For this purpose we take advantage of both conventional as well as controlled polymerization techniques.

Our know-how in the polymer preparation permits the optimized design of different systems: nano/microparticles, fibers, as well as the preparation of hydrogels and soft polymeric materials. Equally, our research has focused preparation, modification, analysis and design for surfaces and interfaces.

Finally, research activities on Additive Manufacturing focuses on exploring its combination and integration with other emerging fields of science and technology to fabricate radically new products, capability, and applications.



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